Updating the Curb Appeal of Your Home with Full View Garage Doors

Did you know that your garage doors can give your home curb appeal and increase its value in the home market? No matter the size, design, and age of your garage, installing an appealing and stylish garage door will improve the overall look and value of your home.

Several garage door types bring a powerful curb appeal to your home, but one stands out – full view garage doors. This post will explore what full-view garage doors are, how they improve curb appeal, and tips to improve the curb appeal properties they bring to a home.

What is a full-view garage door?

As their name suggests, full view garage doors are modern-looking glass with aluminum or steel frame garage doors designed to achieve some transparency and other benefits to a garage space. These garage door designs were commonly used in commercial buildings but are now dominating residential properties due to the impression and freshness they add to a home.

Full-view garage doors are not just about bringing in light, as there are also designs to add to strength, sturdiness, durability, and much more. Let’s discuss these factors in the curb appeal section.

What materials are used to make full-view garage doors?

A standard glass door is made of glass panes panels held together by metallic frames to give them strength and flexibility when opening and closing the doors. It is even possible to install full-view garage doors with a frameless structure with only support at the sides. These full-view garage doors are what we commonly refer to as floating doors.

The glass panels are tempered and not just the standard glass variety, a reason why they are strong enough to withstand the outdoor elements.

These doors’ frames are mostly made of aluminum or steel to add to sturdiness, durability, and reliability. These materials are also easy to customize, with a wide range of options from which to choose.

How do full-view garage doors improve curb appeal?

There is so much that can be achieved by installing full-view garage doors to your home. Here are their benefits that all add up to improved curb appeal:

• Allows more natural lighting into the garage

Since full-view garage doors are primarily made of glass, they let in plenty of light to a garage and brighten it up. Since many homeowners are looking for homes with well-lit spaces, you will be a step ahead in attracting them if you aim to sell your home.

• Add a more modern look to your home

Full-view garage doors are stylish and add that irresistible look to a home. It’s hard for people visiting your home for the first time not to comment on the sleek, modern look that these doors bring. If aesthetics and curb appeal are what you are looking to achieve in the home upgrade, then you would be missing out a lot if you went for any other style other than full view garage doors.

• Improves visibility

If your garage houses highly valued items and vehicles that need to be displayed to the people outside, full-view garage doors will come in handy. If you want to achieve this but still worry about your items’ security, talk to your garage door specialist. They will modify the doors to make them sturdy and more secure while still maintaining the required visibility level.

• They make a smaller space appear bigger

Because of the lighting they bring to the garage space, full view garage doors make a small garage look more significant and make the space more pleasant and appealing to home buyers. Note that you can only achieve this if the doors are strategically installed, so you need to work with the best garage door specialists in your area.

Additional merit: Full view garage doors are easier to maintain as they only need professional cleaning and inspection twice a year to work smoothly. This is also something that will impress many home buyers.

Full-view garage doors customization tips for even better curb appeal

• For extra durability- Use tempered glass panels and sturdy aluminum or steel frames.

• For improved energy efficiency- Invest in insulated glass panels.

• To enhance the aesthetics- Use decorative window and glass panel designs. You can also accessorize the garage doors with antique or modern lighting systems.

• To bring in more light and increase visibility in the space- Install clear and entirely transparent glass panels.

• To balance light and privacy- Use translucent, tinted, or frosted glass panels.

Final thoughts

A garage door may be all that matters to strike a good deal with a home buyer or generally improve the look of your home to make a statement to neighbors and visitors. Upgrading your garage door style to full-view is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to achieve this. A full-view garage door will add that refreshing and dazzling look to your home as long as it is installed correctly.

The next time you will be updating your garage door, install the full-view design, and the curb appeal results will speak volumes. If a garage door installation is a new investment, you can focus on this design and start with a fresh, highly appealing look for your home.