How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

noisy garage door

How long have you been dealing with that annoying garage door opener grinding noise? Have you been noticing that your garage door makes banging noise when opening? Or your garage door clunks when opening?

If you’ve been dealing with a noisy garage door, it’s time to get it fixed. Read on to learn garage door maintenance tips.

Getting Started

Most noisy garage door maintenance fixes can be fairly simple and should take an hour or less. Begin by tightening all doors and track hardware. To do this, use a deep socket and ratchet on nuts and make sure they’re all tightened. Just make sure to not over-tighten as this can cause bigger problems.

Then, check for worn hinges and rollers. A lot of rollers have bearings that are unsealed and can go bad after many years in a dirty garage. The wear and tear can be so bad that the rollers begin to wobble as the door goes up and down.

When dealing with worn rollers, replace them with nylon rollers that have sealed bearings. You’ll notice that nylon rollers are much quieter and won’t need occasional oiling. However, they are pricier than steel rollers.

You’ll want to replace the track rollers one by one. Take note that if your garage door utilizes torsion springs on the door header, DON’T try to replace rollers located in the brackets on the bottom. These brackets are under powerful spring tension and can injure you when unbolted. That job is one for a pro.

Worn Hinges

This problem is far less common that the issue with worn rollers. However, sloppy hinges can cause tons of noise and make the door bind. It can also wear out joints at the sections of the door. A bit of play at the hinge is common. However, if you notice an oblong hole at the point where the tubular hinge pin pairs with the bracket of the hinge, it’s time to replace the hinge.

If you see metal filings and gray dust around the hinge pin, it’s an early sign of wear.

Garage Door Chain

After replacing worn components, it’s time to check the chain. When the chain is loose you’ll notice loud “slapping” sounds and jerky movements. Begin by tightening the chain in accordance with your owner’s manual. With track drive openers, you’ll also need to lubricate the opener track. If your opener is screw drive, make sure to grease the threads.

After this, you’re going to need a specialty garage door lube to spray the springs, hinges and roller bearings (if unsealed). You should also apply it to torsion bar bearings and any other points of pivot. Make sure to lubricate any and all moving parts about once every six months.

Don’t skimp by using other lubricants such as grease, oil or spray lithium grease. They don’t penetrate well and pick up a lot of grit and dust which causes more problems down the road.

Let a Professional Do the Dirty Work

If these noisy garage door maintenance suggestions sound like more than you want to take on, or if these suggestions don’t work, we’re here to help. Contact Ridgeline Overhead Door today for a free consultation.

How a Garage Door Can Transform Your Curb Appeal

garage door curb appealWhen it comes to selling your home or just possessing a desire to make your home the envy of the neighborhood, curb appeal means a lot. In terms of selling the home, you can present an enticing feast before potential buyers the moment they park in your driveway. Your curb appeal should work to entice the eye not become an eyesore.

Those who successfully pull off curb appeal typically see their homes sell faster than those who do not. Knowing how to increase your curb appeal may not seem entirely obvious at first. In fact, many homeowners typically look over one vital part that makes up the appeal of their home–their garage door. This article will briefly discuss how your garage door can be used to increase your curb appeal.


One of the first aspects that you should consider about your garage door is its color. Everyone has a standard white-door garage. Do you want to be standard? Or do you want to elevate your home to the next level? Have some fun when picking out the color of your garage door. Take some time to see how the house works with the door.

Your garage door curb appeal can dramatically increase if you choose to select a bold color like dark grey, earthy brown, or even a navy blue. You can either go rustic with it or modern. Just make sure that the color matches some element of your house. Otherwise, the garage appeal won’t be as striking. In fact, it may even look out of place.


Another aspect to consider of your garage door curb appeal is whether you want windows in your garage door or not. Furthermore, should those windows be tinted? There’s no question that windows, tinted or not, can make your garage door look elegant.

Yet if you tend to work a lot in your garage, then you may want to opt for something that’s a bit more functional. Larger windows or a series of windows might be something that interests you, especially if they’re un-tinted. Do your best to blend function with garage appeal.


One last area where you can really make your garage door stand out from the rest and increase your curb appeal is through the design of the door. Almost everyone has the standard smooth plane. Why not throw in some odd shapes? Perhaps your door doesn’t even really look like a door.

Essentially, the garage is a blank canvas. You can utilize that canvas to add personality, elegance, or even just eccentricity to the front of your home. Since the garage door is so large, it’s often the first thing that people notice of your house. Don’t underestimate the power the garage has to entice guests and potential buyers.


A garage door can account for upwards of a third of your home’s front. You can greatly increase your house’s curb appeal by getting a new garage door with a unique design. At Ridgeline Overhead Door, we have a variety of models, colors, door designs, materials, and window options to choose from. Contact us today to get started on your new garage door!

Faux Wooden Garage Doors: Top 5 Alternatives to Wooden Garage Doors

While the classic wooden garage doors that many people are familiar with are certainly a solid choice, you might be thinking of trying something new. If you’re looking to try out a fresh, new replacement for your old wooden garage door, check out these 5 great ideas for alternatives! 

1. Steel Garage Doors

One of the more common complaints that people have about wooden garage doors addresses the wear and tear that can result from ever-changing weather conditions. Opting for a steel door for your garage can be a big improvement in terms of durability, and can provide a sleeker look as well. 

Steel garage doors come in a wide variety of styles, including overhead and swinging varieties, enabling you to choose the best fit for your own personal tastes. Along with looking great, they’ll also alleviate concerns like warping and shrinkage as a result of temperature change.

2. Roll-up Screen Barriers

Roll-up screens provide a variety of advantages over wooden doors, such as taking up less space and providing increased ventilation. The air flow facilitated by roll-up screens can make your garage a far more comfortable place to spend your time, and the screen will keep bugs and windblown debris out as well. 

Additionally, roll-up screen doors are relatively inexpensive compared to many other garage fixtures and are easy to install and take down whenever necessary.

3. Fiberglass Doors

Another common problem with wooden garage doors is that they can attract and harbor termites that threaten to spread to other areas of the home and cause structural damage. For those who want to avoid the risks of wooden doors but don’t want the industrial feeling of metal, fiberglass doors can be a great option. 

Some fiberglass garage doors are crafted to mimic the look and texture of wood for those who don’t want to sacrifice that rustic charm. Fiberglass doors are also weather-resistant by nature and can be cleaned and painted just as easily as their wooden counterparts.

4. Vinyl Carriage Doors

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to traditional wooden garage doors that offers maximum durability while requiring minimal maintenance, then the beautiful union of carriage doors and vinyl might be just the thing for you! 

Carriage doors take the visual appeal of your garage entrance to a whole new level, and high-durability vinyl surfaces are sturdy, relatively lightweight, and easy to keep clean.

5. Faux Wooden Garage Doors

Another alternative to wooden garage doors that mimics their classy look is a sturdy set of faux wooden garage doors. Many of these are crafted from faux planks molded after genuine pieces of wood, giving them a highly authentic look and feel. 

The main benefits that faux wooden doors have over their wooden predecessors are improved weather resistance and a total lack of vulnerability to termites. Faux wooden doors are also less likely to crack as a result of temperature fluctuation than fiberglass doors are. 


While you might be confident in your decision to go with something other than wood for your next garage door, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the potential choices and details to consider. Fortunately, you can refer to these top 5 alternatives to wooden garage doors in order to compare the qualities of other materials with the unique requirements of your individual home. 

Consider which kinds of risk prevention are most important to you and take a look at the many different styles there are to choose from. At Ridgeline Overhead Garage Door, we offer a wide variety of sectional garage doors. Check out our selection and contact us to learn more. 

Why is Garage Door Insulation Important?

Today, consumers widely recognize the value of insulated garage doors. Depending upon the layout of the residence, doors without insulation allow warmed air to seep out of the premises. They ultimately contribute to higher heating costs during the winter. In general, residential and business properties with well-insulated garage doors command higher marketing prices than comparable properties lacking this feature. This brief article will discuss how households in Texas can supply effective garage door insulation.

A Smart Buying Decision

Controversy exists concerning the best way to insulate garage doors. By far the easiest, most effective way to achieve high insulation values involves purchasing doors which already contain two (or more) layers of insulation packed inside garage door panels made from steel or aluminum. The base price for this type of door spans the gamut, costing anywhere from about $800 to upwards of $2,500 for some well-known brands. Some sources maintain insulated doors offer up to tenfold the protection against energy losses supplied by doors lacking any insulation.

Why should consumers consider purchasing insulated doors for the garage? Just consider a few strong reasons to select garage doors containing this important feature:

  • Manufacturers test these products to ensure insulation meets specified value levels;
  • With care, insulated garage doors last for years;
  • Consumers don’t need to worry insulation products will detach from the door and cause mechanical repair issues.

These stylish products look great! They usually help reduce noise penetration into the garage from the exterior of the home, also. Although typically heavier than garage doors which lack insulation, brands furnishing this feature provide customers with peace of mind. When you select these products and obtain qualified installation services, you’ll know with certainty your door’s operating system will still work effectively.

Garage Door Insulation Kits

Some companies also market kits intended to assist customers in insulating their garage doors. Before attempting to install any insulation kit on automatic garage doors, however, consumers should check the warranty information provided with their doors. In some cases, attempting an insulation installation may void existing manufacturer warranties, a very expensive mistake. Since most doors function in tandem with specific door opening mechanisms, we strongly recommend seeking professional installation of kits rather than undertaking door installation as an amateur installer. If you do attempt DIY insulation installation, make sure you follow your kit’s instruction guide.

Applying Weatherstripping And More

In Texas, some property owners apply to weatherstrip to the base of the door as a way to help prevent drafts. Before taking this step, it usually makes sense to contact a licensed garage door repair firm to check over the doors and correct any existing problems. When correctly installed, garage doors should fit snugly against the floor of the garage; a large visible gap requiring weather stripping might indicate an installation issue, not an insulation problem.

Ridgeline Overhead Garage Door offers valuable support to customers seeking to obtain better garage door insulation values. We can assist you in locating top quality, competitively priced insulated residential and commercial garage doors. We also furnish a complete array of skilled door inspection, installation, and repair services. Contact us to get help with all your garage door needs. We look forward to assisting central Texas residents with obtaining better insulated, energy-efficient garage doors!