When it comes to your loading dock its easy to conclude this is likely the most hazardous area of your operation when taking into account the many possible hazards and activities that occur in this area. So priority in dock safety is of utmost importance due to the severity of injuries associated with accidents in this area, often times fatal, not so much the frequency of incidents that happen. In order to prevent these types of accidents proper equipment, training, and safe operating procedures are necessary. That is where Trailer Locking Systems comes into play. There are a variety of Trailer Locking Systems available and demand for these are always increasing. The most common system is the ICC Bar type restraint that engages the ICC Bar (rear impact guard) of the trailer preventing it from moving way from the loading dock. These systems come mechanically or hydraulically operated and very from one manufacturer to another in design. Once again depending on budget and frequency of deliveries or shipments at your loading dock will help determine the best application for your facility. RidgeLine Overhead Garage Door does service, maintain, and install these units and recommends service bi-annually with all other loading dock preventative maintenance in order to achieve a safe work environment and steady productivity performance.

Trailer Restraint Systems

STAR2 Vehicle Restraint

  • Design Highlights
  • Simple Manual Activation
  • Non-Impact Design & Operation
  • Low Pro le
  • Horizontal Hooking Range 0 - 10” From Face Of 4” Bumper
  • Compatible with NHTSA Regulation Rear Impact Guards
  • Automatic Interior/Exterior LED Light Communication System
  • Sensor Bar Indicates Positive Engagement with Rear Impact Guard