Just like your personal vehicle, routine maintenance can extend the life of your doors, operators, hardware, and dock equipment. As well as prevent costly repairs, but also possible injuries and/or accidents to your family or personnel depending on if its your home or place of business. When your door or equipment is out of operation, the result will cause your home or business to possibly to be not secure or worst cause your business to lose productivity or efficiency levels.

Or if its your home it may trap your vehicle in your garage at a not so convenient time. Our periodic Preventative Maintenance Programs are designed to reduce downtime and operating costs by preventing unnecessary and expensive breakdowns through consistently scheduled maintenance allowing for more reliable performance, longer life cycles on all parts, and early detection of forth coming malfunctions. RidgeLine Overhead Garage Door offers Preventative Maintenance Programs for both residential and commercial needs to provide safe and proper operation of all your garage door and dock equipment. 

What We Offer

- Improved home safety 
- Priority when scheduling service or repairs
- Decrease in downtime and increase in operational efficiency and productivity
- Reduce repair expenses
- Reduce equipment malfunctions for your doors, operators, and dock equipment
- Extend the life of your doors, operators, and dock equipment allowing for safe and dependable use
- Discounted labor rate for all service and repair work while enrolled into the program
- Included in each Preventative Maintenance Program is a checklist of work performed, along with recommendations of any repairs or replacement parts needed
- Its free to enroll
- Any parts needing to be replaced will be done so per your authorization
- Detailed information about your equipment such as size, make, model, year etc. will be provided with report
- Detailed record of all inspection results and actions included  
- A Multi-point maintenance and safety check is performed on all doors specified at the location
- A Multi-point maintenance and safety check is performed on all openers that are specified at the location
- Door service will include tightening and/or replacing missing or defective nuts and bolts, lubrication of all parts necessary, and adjusting correct balance of door as needed
- Opener service will include tightening chain/belt, setting travel limits as needed, adjusting forces as needed, lubricating where necessary, and checking safety features are in place and working properly 
- Checking batteries on keypads and remotes
- Detailed inspection list, noting any safety or repair issues needed
- If repair is necessary at the time of Preventative Maintenance Check Up options will be discussed prior to installing these repairs during visit
- Avoid downtime, increase safety and protect your investment

Fire Doors

We will inspect, test, and certify per NFPA 80 Standards for building owners that need to have their rolling and sliding Fire Doors inspected and tested annually, with written documentation of such inspections. This allows building owners and operation managers to stay in compliance with NFPA 80 Standards, with proper operation and full closure of all rolling and sliding facility Fire Doors. 

- Inspecting, testing, and certifying your rolling and sliding Fire Doors to meet NFPA 80 Standards by trained and certified technicians
- Written Fire Door inspection and drop test report, that will document each test for your facilities Fire Door records and any repairs or product replacement needed
- Fire Door Drop Test certification tag is attached to each Fire Door indicating date, test, and certified as each door is completed
- Copies of your Fire Door inspections and drop test reports will be kept in our Company records for compliance and emergency purposes
- All the above is necessary to stay in compliance with NFPA 80 Standards in order to protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency