A steel garage door is a perfect choice for value, strength, reliability, and overall cost effectiveness. Many of the processes in manufacturing steel garage doors is automated and allows for it to be produced economically in turn making it more affordable for your basic style door.

The steel sections can be painted to match your home or factory painted in many colors per manufacturer allowing it to easily adapt to your homes design and color scheme. These are very reliable when it comes to wind, rain, and sun exposure.

The sections are very strong and lightweight with galvanized coatings to resist rust for many years. We offer a variety of steel garage doors in many different designs, with windows or without, insulated or non insulated, etc. All these options can be discussed when it comes time to make the decision on what best suits your homes needs. 

AMARR® Oak Summit®

Safe Guard Pinch Protection

Built with the Safe Guard System that features patented center and end hinges, exclusive safety bottom brackets and uniquely-designed pinch protection sections to enhance overall safety for homeowners.  These garage doors are designed to reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries.

Unique Door Designs

Choose the enduring appeal of carriage house styling or the simplicity of a more traditional door design.  Select the perfect color, then add windows and decorative hardware to create a one-of-a-kind door sure to add curb appeal to your home.

Wind Load Doors

Wind load doors are built specifically to withstand specific high-wind pressures with an interior wind load reinforcement system. Wind load reinforcement can be added to practically all Amarr doors to meet local building codes.  Simply choose the door style that is right for you and your local Amarr garage door dealer/installer will confirm what wind load door is required in your area.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure the garage door meets local building codes.

Energy Efficiency

CFC-free insulation increases the thermal efficiency of your garage door to help maintain the temperature in your garage, increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce noise from the garage.  Available in garage doors with multi-layer construction.